Movable slat shutters are available for Exterior and Interior use. Like the Fixed Slat Shutters, the woods typically used for construction of the exterior shutters are Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, and Mahogany. The woods typically used for the Interior Movable Slat shutters are Red Oak, White Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, Etc.

There are two basic different designs for Interior Movable Slat shutters. One has the operator bar in the middle of the shutter and the other has the operator bar on the side of the shutter. There is really no distinct advantage to either. I personally prefer the side operator bar as it gives a less obstructed view thru the shutter slats. It is strictly a personal point of view. It’s your option.

There are several slat widths for you to choose from. We start with the narrowest at 1-3/4” wide with a 1-1/2” exposure and go to 4-3/4” wide with a 4-1/2” exposure. The intermediate slats measure: 2-3/4”, and 3-3/4”.

The shutter to the left is 80” wide by 100” tall. The slats are 5” wide and it uses the side operator rod. The stiles and rails are all 5” wide. It is an exterior shutter and I think the customer wanted to use this shutter for privacy. The shutter was located on a deck. This is a good example of our “Design/Build” service. This customer came to us with a need. We created a design

that was workable for them. A design that met their needs. We are able to do the same for you. Call us today for your shutter needs.

When installing your movable slat shutters, you will probably need some sort of molding to go around your window frame to mount the shutter to. These are commonly referred to as “Z” moldings. TA millwork has a fairly wide selection of these “Z” moldings. One of them should work. If it does not, we can make a design that will work for you.
There is a little less freedom is designing a Movable Slat Shutter. If the overlap between the shutter slats change, it requires a tremendous amount of re-work. i.e., the tilt rod has to be completely redesigned to accommodate the new overlap specs. It is more cost effective to keep the overlap the same and vary the widths of the top and bottom rails to make the length come out the way you want it.
We are a distributor of O’Hair Shutters out of Lubbock, Tex. By clicking the “Movable Slat-Paint Grade” tab above, you can go to their web-site and see their complete line of Interior—Movable Slat Paint Grade Shutters. Their product has many choices. They make a very good product and their factory priming is superb.