We have a basic line of cupolas. However, in addition to the basic cupolas, we provide a complete “Design / Build” service for most any size and shape of cupola. Our basic limitation is that it has to fit on a truck for shipping. Height is not to much of a restriction as we can break them down into segments. Width is more of a challenge. Eight foot across is our maximum. Any design within that size limitation is a workable project for us. We will design, draw, build, and ship the cupola to your project.
Our wood cupolas are made from a top grade of Kiln Dried Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is a naturally rot, decay, & mold resistant wood. It paints well and holds paint well. The base is made of 5/8” thick exterior grade finish plywood. Exterior plywood is made with moisture resistant adhesives and will withstand rain and snow. It should be kept painted.
In the mid section we can install 1) Venting Louvers, 2) Non-Venting Louvers, 3) Windows (Various Designs), 4) Decorative Panels, Etc.
The roof also can be custom designed. The most popular roof of choice is copper. It is very distinguished and draws jealous attention to your project. We can put hip, pagoda, and bell style copper roofs on your cupola. We can make flat seams for the corners or standing seams for any of the roofs.
We can install actual “Lightning Rod” Protection on your cupola. We leave a pig tail of wire for your electrician to connect the cupola to the house Lightning Protection System.
We are a distributor for Good Directions Weathervanes. Their weathervanes are displayed on an attached page.

PVC Clad cupolas give our customers the same design freedom as wood cupolas, but provide excellent longevity. PVC works like wood, paints better than wood and will last indefinitely. The cupola sub-structure is constructed of wood as usual. The outer layer is all PVC with no exposed wood. The PVC provides superb protection for the wood structure and will allow it to last indefinitely.

PVC Clad Cupolas are white when the arrive.  They do not need to be painted.  If white is not your color of choice, they can be painted different colors.  Use a 100% Acrylic Latex Paint.  For colors darker than 55% Light Reflective Value, use Sherwin Williams “Vinyl Safe®” Acrulic Latex Paint.  It is recommended by Azec® Brand PVC.

PVC machines, processes, and  assembles extraordinarily well.  It’s main drawback is that it is not structural.

That’s why it is used only as the outer shell and not for the structural part of the cupola.


We would appreciate any and all inquiries about cupolas. We will provide you with a set of drawings so that you can see what will be built prior to us building it.

We try very hard to be as up front as possible in all of our business efforts.

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