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We manufacture all types of doors. House doors (Exterior & Interior), commercial doors for restaurants and offices, louvered doors for restaurant bathroom stall doors, doors with arch tops, doors with mail drops, doors with opening sidelights. If you want your door pre-hung, we will do that. If you want your piece of family heirloom glass put in a custom door, we will do that. If you want your door made from some wood that grandpa cut down, we’ll do that.

We stock standard door hardware: hinges, sills, flush bolts, and weather-stripping. We special order whatever brand and color you want on your custom door.

We are approved in several states to manufacture historical replicas of doors and windows. Restoring old buildings has become a more popular choice than destroying them. We appreciate the effort that goes into a building’s restoration and am glad to be able to participate in those projects. It’s amazing the amount of history you learn when involved in the renovation process.
Many customers want to replace their old rotted door with a new door of the same style. We get pictures of old doors and even old doors shipped to us to duplicate. They come from all parts of the U.S.

All of our doors are made with laminated and veneered stiles. We didn’t do this when we 1st started making doors and had several problems with warping stiles. When we changed to “laminated & veneered” stiles roughly 20 years ago, we have not had a single incident of a warping stile. We are of the conviction that “laminated & veneered” stiles are the only correctly way to build a door. Door stiles are the two long vertical members on the outside edge of the door. They MUST maintain a true and flat form for the door to open and close properly.

Laminated & Veneered Stiles are assembled with water proof glue. All of the exposed wood is the same specie as the door.

We make doors with TDL (True Divided Lite) glass and doors with SDL (Simulated Divided Lite)glass. The TDL door has a piece of glass for every lite. The SDL door has 1 piece of glass and the grille bars are taped on the interior and exterior of the glass. ALL door glass must be tempered. All of our tempered glass has a certifying logo on it so you can be assured that the glass is tempered.

We would like to have the opportunity to quote your next door. We feel sure you would be impressed with our quality.