Gable Ventilators come in many shapes and sizes. A few of the available shapes are shown to the left. Over the years we have made many unique and distinctive gable vents. They have been made from Western Red Cedar, African Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, & Cypress. We are a Custom Wood Shop that will make what you want and how you want it to be constructed. We make this product to be either “Venting” or “Decorative”. The Decorative product does not vent and does not require a hole in the wall. It is strictly decorative and mounts on the surface of the wall.

In addition to all wood products, we use solid PVC to manufacture many louvers. This product machines very well, paints very well (If you like white, it doesn’t even need painting) and will virtually last forever. It is a little more expensive than wood, but if you want to do this project only one time, solid PVC is the answer for you. We also make the vents (operating & false) in solid copper. These are quite attractive.

We also make miscellaneous items like this decorative “sunburst”. Once again, this can be made in either wood or solid PVC.

We typically construct products from a very top grade of wood that contains no knots or other defects. The gable vent below has knots in the wood because that is what the customer wanted. All of our woods for these products are Kiln Dried. Kiln Dried wood is a better product to work with than green wood. Green wood will crack, warp, twist, split, and shrink more than the kiln dried wood. The highest grade of wood may not always be the least expensive, but it always make the best product.

You will notice from these pictures that there is no fingerjoint or laminated wood used in our projects. We feel that the best products are made from solid wood, not pieced together wood.