Since we manufacture such a variety of product sizes, we manufacture all of our shipping crates. We ship via numerous carriers. We ship via FedEx Ground, UPS, Common Carrier, and Dedicated Truck.
After having done this for 23 years, we know which truck lines offer the best and most efficient services to specific areas of the U.S..
We have on-line freight quoting which we consult for every shipment. We estimate the freight up front when we quote your project. We try to keep to this freight quote as close as possible. It is always our goal to have your freight delivered as efficiently and as courteously as possible.

Our crates are all made specifically for the size of the product that is being shipped. We do not use a “one size fits all” box and modify it to fit your shipment. We make a box specifically for your shipment.

We need to know when we quote your freight if you are having it delivered to a residence and if you will need a lift gate to have your freight lowered to the ground and slid off. Most carriers will not want to wait around while you uncrate the shipment and hand unload it.

It is much more preferable to pay for a lift gate truck so you can get the freight to the ground and off the lift gate.

This will allow the truck to leave and for you to unpack your crate at your leisure.
For the commercial customer who may have a larger job, we also contract with owner/operators who pick up the load, tarp it, and drive directly to the job site. This is by far the best delivery method as there is no reloading or transferring of the load to another truck. The truck that we load is the truck that you receive.