At TA Millwork we use the highest quality of wood that we can find to build our shutters. All of our wood is kiln dried, there are no knots, there are no finger joints, and there are no laminated boards. We are very proud and very picky of the materials that are used to build our shutters. The three most common woods that we use for exterior shutters are: Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, and Mahogany.
We manufacture the 15 different basic styles of shutters shown above. In addition to these styles, we can add “faux” tilt rods with or without “mouse holes”. Our shutters are all made to order. We will vary the size of any of the parts, the location of the mid-rail, etc. to make the shutter you are looking for.

We have the ability to create any design of cut-out that you would like for your shutter. We will work very carefully with you to turn your design into the perfect cut-out. We need a drawing or a rubbing that is full size so we can digitize it. All of our cutouts are CAD drawn to a DXF format, downloaded to

a CNC machine, and cut out. The process is very clean and precise.

We also manufacture a complete line of hardwood interior movable slat shutters. They can be made from any of the available species of hard or softwoods. You can click on the “Movable Slat” link above to get to that info. We can make these for exterior use as well. The exterior movable slat shutters can be made from the typical woods. These make a great shutter to have the ability to close off the view as the situation requires.

Custom work is our business. I doubt that we are any more expensive than our competition. We work very hard to have the details of your job figured out before the job begins. That helps the job to go smoothly and efficiently. We have 20 plus years of design / build experience behind us and I feel we do a good job of creating the millwork that you expect.