Ta Millwork has been producing wood moldings for a number of years. We produce both straight moldings and specialize in curved moldings. We have most of the specifications for both wood and synthetic windows. We can produce the pattern of your choice in both curved and straight pieces. If custom knives are required, we have our knives cut with a water jet CNC machine that exactly duplicates our DXF drawing file. So your casing will be exactly like the drawing file that you approve.

As a supplement to the wood molding line, we produce a “Flexible Extension Jamb” that can be very conveniently and economically used on the synthetic windows to extend their jambs so that they are flush with the inside of the sheetrock and can be conventionally trimmed with casing patterns. The above picture shows a “FEJ” (Flexible Extension Jamb” being applied to a casing. The jamb is aligned with the inside of the casing and nailed to the back of the casing. The casing will hold the correct arch in the FEJ. The casing is then applied to the wall and you’re done. Quick, Simple, Easy, Cheap. What more could you ask for. Our stock veneer is Pine; however, we make our own veneers and a veneer can be made from any available specie of wood.

In our curved casings, we produce “Half Round”, “Full Round”, “Arched”, and “Elliptical” in all of the profiles.

We do have a minimum radius, and that is 10” for a 20” diameter window.

The above picture is a typical curved casing order. There are a few curved pieces, some Flex-Jamb, and some straight pieces for the sides of the windows/doors.
This is an order of “Rustic Beech” wood ran to the customer’s profile.
The picture below shows both curved and straight casings, and curved jambs supplied to a new construction job. Some of the curved jambs on this job were 18” wide. Please give us an opportunity to supply you with your construction millwork.