We have always made a wide variety of window grilles. They are primarily made from Pine but can also be made from all of the hardwoods. We have five standard grille

profiles. They can be altered to some extent. We also have a number of different profiles and grille bar widths that we have developed over the years.

The grille above has a perimeter. Grilles without perimeters are usually are shipped “KD” (Knocked Down). They will require a small amount of assembly when they arrive. However, shipping on the KD grilles is usually less as they take up a lot less space when they are shipped. We have 16 different perimeter styles. It seems that between the 16 styles, there is a perimeter that will fit almost any window.
The KD grilles are held in the window by plastic slide pins that slide in and out in a groove cut into the ends of the grilles. The perimeter grilles have metal clips that secure them into the windows.

Grilles come in many sizes and shapes. We would always prefer that you email or fax a quick freehand sketch in order that we may better understand exactly what it is you are looking for.